ByggExpo – Byggenæringens møteplass for regionens prosjekter

The construction industry meeting place for regional projects

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Legg til i min kalender 03/08/2017 9:00 03/09/2017 16:00 Europe/Oslo ByggExpo - Grieghallen, Bergen, Dovregubbens hall Grieghallen, Bergen, Dovregubbens hall 60.3888646,5.3260098 ByggExpo false MM/DD/YYYY



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Din møteplass for regional vekst og utvikling

Meet people in local projects

We build and organize an effective, two-day regional forum for the public and private sector in the construction industry. Here one can see, be seen, and hit "the right people" for future cooperation.

Contribute to local growth

Norwegian regional and district policy focuses on sustainable cities, towns and districts.

Join and contribute to important and profitable value creation.

Get professional updates

We invite various specialists to lectures, conferences and seminars. Here you get an insight into planned and ongoing projects in all the region.

Attend to social events

We organize an informal "afterwork" collection, where you can team up and chat. Perhaps you'll meet your new partner or investor over a coffee or a snack?

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«ByggExpo er en tids- og kostnadseffektiv møteplass for byggenæringen.»

ByggExpo is for all the actors in the regional construction industry


Providers of goods and services presents itself, for possible assignment.

They say yes to participate in the region's future projects!

Contracting entities will submit their own projects, make offers and enter into agreements with public and private procurement.


We invite professionals from the construction industry, politicians, purchasers, policy makers, entrepreneurs, investors, students, trainees and all others who follow developments in the regional construction industry.

It's going to be easy to meet at ByggExpo!

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Show yourself in the region and come to ByggExpo

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